Adsorption Chillers

Duty Free Shops, a subsidiary of Louis Vuitton, uses an adsorption chiller at its location in Garapan, Saipan.
Duty Free Shops, a subsidiary of Louis Vuitton, uses an adsorption chiller at its location in Garapan, Saipan.

ECO-MAX adsorption chillers save energy by using waste heat to address refrigeration and/or air conditioning needs. End users include food and beverage processors, universities, hospitals, chemical processors, other manufacturers and large government facilities.

Adsorption chillers are effective as a stand-alone system as an enhancement to a current HVAC system or as a replacement technology to a current chiller system. Power Partners markets standalone ECO-MAX chillers and tri-generation packages that include its chillers.  Tri-generation packages have capacity ranging from 200kW to 2Mw.

Renewable Energy Systems

ECO-MAX chillers can easily be integrated to utilize solar hot water collectors and concentrators to produce the source heat for the chiller. The energy to run the chillers is obtained by solar hot water collectors on the roof and is stored in a large hot water tank for continuous use. Since the chiller can operate on input hot water temperatures as low as 130°F, the adsorption chiller works well with solar thermal systems.

Tri-Generation or CCHP

Building owners and facility managers are installing electricity generation systems that run on natural gas and have the potential to use the waste heat from the water jacket and exhaust gases to operate a waste heat recovery system. Natural gas systems have the advantage of producing half the carbon dioxide emissions per kilowatt when compared to electricity generated from a coal-fired power plant. By integrating a waste heat recovery system with on-site generation, the system has the potential to further reduce by carbon dioxide emissions eliminating the chilling systems electricity consumption as well as eliminating additional heating requirements in winter. Tri-generation systems can have fuel efficiency rates of 85-95%, more than double the standard fuel utilization rates at most coal-fired power plants.

Adsorption Chillers’ Attributes

  • Long life (more than 20 years)
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Use waste heat or solar thermal
  • Ultra-low electricity consumption
  • Low carbon footprint
  • “Green" refrigerant (water) and desiccant (silica gel)
  • Wide hot water temperature range (200F to 125F)
  • Negligible noise and vibration
  • Advanced microprocessor control
  • Continuous operation
  • No replacement of absorbent