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Under A Licensing Agreement, Power Partners Is Selling Kawasaki Absorption Chillers In North America

ATHENS, GA, May 1, 2013 – Power Partners, Inc., announced today that it has reached an agreement with Kawasaki Thermal Engineering (KTE) to sell KTE’s absorption chillers in North America.  An absorption chiller is an environmentally friendly thermal chiller that consumes minimal electricity compared to mechanical chillers, and the absorption chillers designed by KTE are the most technologically advanced in the world.

“Power Partners has been successfully manufacturing and marketing ECO-MAX adsorption chillers since 2009,” said Mike Stonecipher, ECO-MAX Business Segment Leader and Power Partners’ Director of Operational Excellence.   “We wanted to complement our adsorption chillers with technologically advanced, eco-friendly absorption chillers since absorption chillers account for the largest part of the chiller market by far, and selling Kawasaki’s absorption chillers was the obvious choice for us.  KTE’s products and technical achievements, which include the only triple-effect chiller in the world, are outstanding.  Kawasaki absorption chillers have the largest market share in Japan, and we have the same goal for North America.”

Kawasaki absorption chillers offer:

  • World-leading efficiency for both full load and part load operation.
  • Patented part load variable speed refrigerant pump design for high part load efficiency.
  • The only triple effect chiller in the world.
  • The most reliable absorption chiller design.
  • Advanced manufacturing methods, including robotic welding.
  • An exclusive hybrid hot water + direct fired design
  • An automatic de-crystallization system.
  • Optional natural gas fired, oil fired, and dual fuel units.

About Power Partners

Power Partners is a leading manufacturer of overhead distribution transformers, serving utility, industrial and commercial customers in North America, Central America, Mexico, the Caribbean and other markets. Since 2009, Power Partners has been producing ECO-MAX adsorption chillers.  Power Partners is a partner in the EPA’s Combined Heat and Power Partnership (CHP) and in the Green Supplier Network. The company is ISO 14001: 2004 certified.

About Kawasaki Thermal Engineering

Ever since KTE commercialized the world’s first double-effect steam-fired absorption chiller in 1964 and the world first double-effect direct-fired absorption chiller in 1968, the company has pursued various technological developments as the leading company in absorption chillers.

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