Board of Directors

Steve Hollis

Co-Owner & Chairman

Steve Hollis is an expert on lean manufacturing and work culture, and has many years of sales, marketing and manufacturing experience at Georgia-Pacific and other companies. He co-founded the company, and under his leadership, PPI has won awards for its sustainable product designs, worker friendliness, community involvement and contributions to the environment and economy.

Luke Faulstick

Co-Owner & CEO

After serving on the company’s Board of Advisors since 2003, he came to PPI in early 2012 from DJO Global, where he had been Chief Operating Officer. Faulstick has had senior operating management roles at Tyco Healthcare, Graphic Controls, Mitsubishi Consumer Electronics and Eastman Kodak. Under his leadership, DJO Global’s operations teams and manufacturing plants won numerous awards, including the Shingo Prize for operational excellence, Industry Week’s Best Plants, and the Association of Manufacturing Excellence Operational Excellence Award.