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PPI sells StampSource to Phoenix Stamping Group, division of PHX Holdings

January 26, 2021

Contact: Steve Hollis, Chairman of the Board, PPI

Athens, GA—Phoenix Stamping Group, a division of PHX Holdings, has purchased StampSource, a subsidiary of PPI, an Athens, GA-based corporation. StampSource is a Charlotte, NC-based metal stamping and fabrication manufacturer. The purchase was concluded in December 2020.

“Our primary reason for choosing Phoenix to purchase StampSource was the cultural alignment of ‘customers first, people always’ between our two business models,” said Steve Hollis, Co-owner and Chairman of the Board, PPI. “We wanted to position the business and our team members for success within a larger organization for scalability with customers.”

Phoenix Stamping Group, the largest division of PHX Holdings, is a successful family-owned business founded by Bill Chapman in 1986. His son, Brandyn, involved in the company since 2001, assumed the role of President in 2005. Phoenix Stamping is in the metal stamping and fabrication business with sheet metal and rod products serving primarily the material handling, towable trailer, truck aftermarket and agricultural equipment markets. The company currently has over 200 employees and has grown sales by 5x over the past 10 years.

“The StampSource acquisition brings further growth to Phoenix Stamping Group and the entire PHX family with over 50 employees with added capacity and redundancy in metal stampings, fabrication, tool & die design and kitting & assembly,” said Brandyn Chapman, President, Phoenix Stamping Group. “StampSource will be integrated as Plant 04 of Phoenix Stamping Group with Michael Pinkerton continuing to serve as General Manager of the facility.”

StampSource, now known as Plant 04 of Phoenix Stamping Group, continues with its current management. They expect to add employees as growth dictates.

“We firmly believe that StampSource will thrive under Phoenix’s leadership. Their shared values–including an ardent approach to systems and tools that help our people—will allow them to share success with all team members,” said Hollis.

For more information, contact Brandyn Chapman, President, Phoenix Stamping Group, at 404.890.7492.

About PHX Holdings
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