Change Partners


Change Partners is an organizational consulting firm committed to helping individuals and organizations achieve strong and sustainable business results by understanding that work-culture governs success. Since 1996, we have been focusing on the work-culture – not just leadership, not just supervisors, not just hourly employees, and never management vs. labor.

We are more than consultants. We walk the talk. Change Partners is part of PPI, a groundbreaking manufacturing company that is transforming the world through innovative manufacturing. The PPI Way, in which our company uses a wide range of lean, Six Sigma and T.O.C. (Theory of Constraint) tools to create the safest work environment possible, improve customer experience and quality, and reduce lead time and costs, was first developed at Change Partners. PPI and its Change Partners business are owned by Steve Hollis and Luke Faulstick, well known lean manufacturing and work-culture experts.

Our Services

Work-Culture Advancement

Culture Assessments • Change Management • Communication Strategy

Lean Training and Implementation

7S Workplace Organization • Kaizen Blitz • Training within Industry • Visual Factory

Strategic Planning & Execution

Annual Planning • Quarterly Updates • Metrics • Meeting Rhythm • Priority Setting

Leadership Development

Executive Coaching • Mediation • Supervisor • Conflict Resolution • Coaching Skills