The GPI Experience

Joint kaizen event with a customer
Gap Partners leads a lean manufacturing kaizen event with a customer

Across PPI's companies, including Gap Partners, we are transforming the world through innovative manufacturing. We are doing this every day through our values, employee training and Gap Partners toolbox, which includes a wide range of lean, Six Sigma and T.O.C. (Theory of Constraints) concepts that Gap Partners employees are expert at using.

The Kaizen Blitz, a focused, intense, short-term project to improve a process, is the key catalyst for all the other tools in the GPI Experience toolbox. Gap Partners supports our customers with their own lean initiatives by hosting key partners at the annual Association for Manufacturing Excellence (AME) conference, a wonderful event at which attendees have the opportunity to exchange knowledge in organizational excellence through the implementation of techniques such as Lean Tools, Leadership, Lean Product Development. Lean Supply Chain and Lean Accounting. Gap Partners also regularly conducts Kaizen events in partnership with our customers.

The goals of what we call the GPI Experience are to create the safest work environment possible, improve customer experience, improve quality, reduce lead time, reduce total costs, eliminate all waste and be the perfect partner to customers, employees and suppliers. The result is waste-free processes that are nearing perfection and that we will not stop improving until they are perfect.