Sheet metal fabrication services

Taylor Cook, Gap Partners Tig Welder, Custom Metal Fabrication, Northeast Georgia
Taylor Cook, Gap Partners Tig Welder

We are fully equipped to meet customers' wide ranging needs:

  • Engineering
  • CNC Shear
  • CNC Laser
  • CNC Machining
  • CNC Punching
  • CNC Brake
  • Welding
  • Hardware
  • Finishing


Working from sketches, engineering drawings, prototypes, or models, we can suggest ways to make your design fabrication efficient, and can frequently improve its assembly and operational efficiency. We can work with various CAD file formats, including Solidworks (preferred), ProE, DWG, DXF and PDF.

We offer 3D CAD that ensures the customer's design can be manufactured, and assures the functionality and performance of their product. Gap Partners utilizes 3D software to electronically unfold the finished part and create a flat pattern, automatically calculating the appropriate bend allowances.

CNC Shear

Gap Partners' shear equipment ensures precision cutting of all sheet metal parts.
It can withstand heavy shearing loads, while maintaining accuracy to extremely precise tolerances.

CNC Laser

Our lasers perform high-speed cutting of sheet metal parts at the lowest possible cost per part. For harder materials, the lasers can perform water and gas assisted cutting. The laser system complements our JIT manufacturing and turret punch press operations, enabling us to offer our clients speed and flexibility in production and delivery.

CNC Machining

Our CNC machining capabilities allow us to provide high tolerance precision parts made to our customers' exacting specificiations including prototyping with fast turnaround delivery to scheduled production runs utilitizing kanban pull systems.

CNC Punching

Our turret punch machines are capable of manufacturing high production runs at high rates of speed with consistent accuracy. They are capable of performing minor forms, embossing, countersinking, and part marking.

CNC Brake

Our press brakes create parallel beam deflections, uniform bends, and fine angle adjustments. In addition to their speed and efficiency, our forming operations achieve extremely precise tolerances, even across multiple bends.


Our welding operations execute TIG, MIG and spot welding. We can weld stainless steel, steel and aluminum.


Our hardware equipment can insert PEM hardware, nuts, pins, studs, ball-bearings or self-clinching fasteners into virtually any part. The system is programmable and capable of consistent, high quality, automatic operation.


Gap Partners performs silkscreen and powder coating in-house, which frees customers from the headache of moving products from one facility to another. Our silk screening enables you to identify parts or components, and our powder coating provides durable, attractive finishing for individual components, assemblies and completed products.