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Cribmaster Benefits from the GPI Experience

Cribmaster Prolock

Since 1992, CribMaster has made its mark as a manufacturer of inventory management systems that manage tools and other indirect material in the industrial workplace.  CribMaster is committed to providing expert software and hardware solutions for today’s manufacturing inventory problems.  The Marietta GA, company leads the market with the most robust and flexible systems on the market, with 4000+ users. 

In 2011 Stanley Black & Decker acquired CribMaster as a part of a strategic growth plan for multiple Stanley Black & Decker brands, utilizing CribMaster technology solutions to deliver unified systems with tools, storage and inventory management to clients worldwide.  Its partner in inventory management systems is PPI’s Gap Partners, Inc. (GPI) precision metal fabrication facility.  GPI makes, among the many products manufactured for CribMaster, the rugged CribMaster ProLock cabinet used to house the tools specified in these systems.

The CribMaster/GPI partnership goes far beyond the products they produce together.  The companies team up to support each other in lean manufacturing initiatives, and Ron Kerns, CribMaster’s Operations Manager, credits GPI with “truly understanding the value of partnership.  GPI is continually exceeding our expectations by creating a lean environment in all aspects of its business.”  CribMaster and GPI people travel together to lean conference’s such as AME, where leading companies in the industry hold workshops and learn even more about lean principles. 

“Due to our understanding of partnership and the value it brings, CribMaster and GPI have been able to drive lean principles such as pull systems and kanban systems for inventory management,” said Christina Burdett, GPI’s Sales Manager.  “Our engineering departments have worked together on Design to Cost Meetings for manufacturability and cost savings.  There’s nothing better, or more valuable, than partnership, and Gap Partners is proud to be a partner of CribMaster.”