New Stainless Steel Products for Food Processing Industry

Gap Partners is producing a new segregated stainless steel product line targeted to the food processing market. This stainless steel sheet fabrication is dedicated specifically to stainless, which is required for the food processing industry.  Stainless steel has a proven record of success where sanitation and ease of cleaning are important. The easy cleaning ability of stainless steel makes it the first choice for strict hygienic conditions, such as restaurants, hospitals, and public kitchens.

Gap Partners produces products using carbon steel, and our high quality equipment and fabrication services are used by companies in many industries. The stainless steel manufacturing line has no contact with other products. Materials are stored in different locations.  Different equipment and tooling is also used only for stainless.

“The major benefit to the segregated line is its value in the market place.  Not many of our competitors can offer a dedicated stainless steel line, so we are quickly becoming a key supplier to new customers,” said Christina Burdett, Sales Manager.

Gap Partners is making a variety of piece parts that they send to Marel, a customer, for assembly.  All products are custom manufactured and designed to solve issues surrounding operations involved in the processing of food.

August 2015