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DJO’s Empi, Inc. manufacturer: a DJO facility sold to Athens, GA-based PPI

Athens, GA—PPI, an innovative manufacturing company based in Athens, GA, has purchased the DJO’s Empi manufacturing medical device factory, owned by DJO Global, located in Clear Lake, South Dakota. The 40+ employee factory will continue to produce surface mount technology PCBA’s and medical devices for the physical rehabilitation market, and will partner with PPI sister companies on various projects.

Luke Faulstick, PPI co-owner and CEO, worked with DJO previously and believes the factory is a good fit for PPI.

“The people at Empi are a great group that shares our values,” said Faulstick. “They bring deep knowledge in the medical device field and can provide components and manufacturing capabilities for our other companies and customers that will expand our product offerings.”

Gap Partners and StampSource, PPI companies, manufacture metal products for other companies that also require PCBA or high tech assembly capabilities. They will work closely with the Empi factory team to look for opportunities to utilize the Empi factory’s capabilities and expand offerings to our broad existing customer base. In addition, the Empi factory will continue to supply DJO Global with critical medical device products through an exclusive supply agreement.

“The Empi factory was about to close its doors, and there were too many excellent people making great products to let that happen,” said Steve Hollis, PPI co-owner and chairman. “We intend to grow the business by continuing to work closely with DJO and seeking other opportunities for partnership in the medical device and electronic markets.”

The Empi Clear Lake factory will now be called South Dakota Partners, Inc. to reflect its focus on partnering with DJO Global and other PPI companies and customers in fulfilling PPI’s vision as “Partners Accelerating Innovation.”


Melissa Stanz, PPI PR consultant


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