Positive Work-Culture Governs Our Success

PPI’s roots are in Change Partners, which originated in 1996 under the leadership of Dr. Sherrie Ford and Steve Hollis. Still a part of PPI, this organizational consulting firm is committed to helping individuals and organizations achieve sustainable business results by understanding that work-culture governs success.

Dr. Sherrie Ford

Dr. Sherrie Ford

Change Partners worked closely with ABB, a distribution transformer plant in Athens, GA. The two leaders purchased the plant in 2003 and renamed it Power Partners. They helped the company reshape its factory and work culture while maintaining the highest level of customer service.

In 2008 Ford and Hollis purchased a Rabun Gap, GA, company that specializes in precision sheet metal fabrication, machining and mechanical assembly services and named it Gap Partners.  PPI has invested in significant expansions of Gap Partners during its years of ownership.

Sherrie Ford died in 2011. She was recognized worldwide as a hands-on leader in manufacturing work culture. While she headed Power Partners, it was one of the ten largest women-owned businesses in the United States.

In 2012, Luke Faulstick, a lean manufacturing expert whose global operations teams and manufacturing plants at other companies have won numerous awards, became co-owner, President and CEO.  Faulstick had served on Power Partners’ Board of Advisors since the company was established. Steve Hollis is Chairman of the company and Executive Vice President for Development.

Faulstick and Hollis established PPI as the parent company for Power Partners, Gap Partners, Change Partners, and future acquisitions in 2012.

PPI: Focused on building strong relationships with partners, suppliers and the community.

Our focus is on building strong relationships with partners, suppliers and the community alike.

In 2013, Hollis and Faulstick purchased StampSource, a metal stamping and fabricating company located in Charlotte, NC.  StampSource is aligned with Gap Partners under the PPI umbrella and is helping to expand metal stamping and fabrication services.

In early 2016, PPI sold Power Partners to Opengate Capital, a global private equity firm who has a growth strategy for the company and a history of success in the distribution transformer industry.

May 13, 2016, PPI purchased South Dakota Partners, Inc., formerly a DJO Global company in Clear Lake, SD. Luke Faulstick worked with this facility closely when he was employed by DJO Global. The facility specializes in printed circuit boards, assemblies and packaging for medical devices and other industries.

Across the board, the owners and associates are focused on building strong relationships with partners, suppliers and PPI’s communities by following the PPI Way and creating sustainable, breakthrough products and practices.