The PPI Way

The PPI Way

At PPI, we are partners accelerating innovation.
Every day.

PPI employees constantly raise the bar – by embodying our values and learning how to deploy the right PPI Way tool for the right purpose to achieve our goals. PPI’s innovative team-based approach allows us to achieve those goals by continuously improving our products and processes and thrilling the customer.

Gap Partners' Chris Conway, Engineering Assistant; Kenneth Kilby, Expeditor Operator; and Micah Duncan, Tig Welder

Chris Conway, Engineering Assistant and Kenneth Kilby, Expeditor Operator

Goals of the PPI Way

  • Create the safest work environment possible.
  • Improve customer experience.
  • Improve quality.
  • Reduce lead time.
  • Reduce total costs.

PPI Values

  • Safety, quality, delivery, cost, in that order.
  • Thrill the customer.
  • Rise to the challenge.
  • Enthusiastically improve everything we can.
  • Take pride and be passionate about all we do.
  • Encourage and serve daily.
  • Think like an owner.


Employees participate in numerous training programs. Every team member will complete the team chartering process, including modules on communication skills, problem solving, continuous improvement, pull systems, and kaizen blitzes to name a few. All employees may take advantage of cross-training and benchmarking opportunities. Developing self-managed teams who “own” their area or cell is a key component of the PPI Way.

The Tool Box

Is comprised of numerous lean tools from Kaizen Blitz to visual workplace. Teammates are trained to use the tools and when to use them. The purpose of the tool box is to help our sites move toward cells and flow from batch operations, reduce lead-time, reduce travel distance, simplify and make visual the operation and processes and transform the business one area at a time.