Vision & Values

PPI’s Vision

Partners accelerating innovation

Partnerships are the foundation of our business. Partnering with employees, our customers, our suppliers and our community to build something greater than we could alone. Collaborating and sharing best practices to help one another grow.

Harnessing the creativity generated through partnerships accelerates our innovative thinking. One of PPI’s founders, the late Dr. Sherrie Ford, once noted that speed kills, especially if it’s too slow. The ability to evolve quickly is a competitive advantage for PPI as we understand that change is not an option. It will happen.

Innovation does not apply only to new product ideas. Innovative thinking is deeply rooted in how we partner, how we conduct business and how we look for new development opportunities. It’s part of the PPI Way.

PPI’s Values

Scott Bartlett performs a die setup

Scott Bartlett, Die Set-Up

Our mantra is that work culture governs success, and values, of course, are the basis of culture. PPI’s Values are:

  • Safety, quality, delivery, cost, in that order.
  • Thrill the customer.
  • Rise to the challenge.
  • Enthusiastically improve everything we can.
  • Take pride and be passionate about all we do.
  • Encourage and serve daily.
  • Think like an owner.